In recent interactions with an American couple, three crucial questions emerged that offer valuable insights for couples embarking on the journey of selecting their wedding photographer.

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Secure File Storage and Archiving at Collephoto Studio

At Collephoto Studio, we prioritize the utmost security for your precious memories. 

Committed to adhering to stringent European privacy regulations, our practices surpass even the robust standards set by the USA. Specifically focusing on digital files, let’s delve into our comprehensive backup strategy.

Backup Strategy: Safeguarding Every Moment

Our first line of defense is human – every service is covered by two professional photographers. This ensures seamless coverage, with a backup ready to step in if any issues arise. The second layer involves real-time backup machines in cameras. Files are automatically copied to two cards, one for each of the two machines utilized during a wedding. Even in the unlikely event of a card loss, our photographers are trained to prevent such situations, personally backing up files during downtime, such as dinner.

Archiving in Our Storage: Fortifying Your Memories

Upon returning to the studio, copies are stored on our main hard disk, isolated from the internet to thwart viruses and cyber attacks.

 Simultaneously, a backup is executed in our lab using a computer disconnected from the internet. We opt for new hard drives annually, never connecting them to the network. 

To enhance security, copies are stored in physically distinct locations. In case of an unforeseen event, such as a fire or theft, a symmetrical copy is secured in our alternate lab. 

Our studio complies with regulations, equipped with smoke and fire alarm systems, theft protection, and surveillance cameras. 

The final work is archived similarly and on a privacy-compliant, password-protected cloud platform. While no technology guarantees zero risk, our expert-perfected choices significantly minimize potential risks.

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File Longevity: Preserving Your Moments.

Italian law doesn’t specify a storage period for files. 

However, our contractual agreement ensures a reasonable limit. In practice, our archive retains files from the studio’s inception, encompassing both RAW (original) and post-processed services. 

The deletion of a client’s wedding gallery only occurs upon their request, mirroring business-world practices. 

Clients can request the deletion of original files at any time, and we promptly address these requests.

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Selection Assurance: Capturing Every Moment

Delivering around 400 photos in a 10-hour service equates to approximately one photo every two minutes of your event. 

The likelihood of missing a pivotal moment is minimized. In the rare instance of such a request, we actively search for the missing photo and seamlessly integrate it into the gallery.

 Clients are encouraged to acquire all original files for a nominal fee, ensuring access to all images captured during the event, totaling around 5000.

Choose Collephoto Studio for a wedding photography experience where security, longevity, and assurance are paramount.